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Dream Chasers.

Available as: Finished episodes
Episodes available: 48 episodes
length : 40 minutes 
New season starting October 2022


Twenty four kids, many nations, one dream.

24 of the best aspiring young talents scouted by a professional scouting team embark on the soccer adventure of their lives, joining a professional development program in Europe. 
Under the tutelage of England legends Dennis Wise and Des Walker the boys undergo an intense training regime and a weekly competitive match against professional oppositions, ranging from lower division sides all the way to Europe's elites  such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Juventus and Inter.  

Their lives in Europe are documented as part of an 22 episodes program, and their matches broadcasted live in their home country attracting as much as 4.7 million live streams during each game. The team is called the Garuda Select, and the program runs to 2028.

The kids come from various backgrounds (15 Indonesians, 3 Senegalese, 1 Tanzanian, 3 Italians, 2 Americans)  , but their goal is the same, to improve and win a chance to have a professional contract in Europe. 

To date 41 graduates have been called up to represent the Indonesian national team, 4 have been offered professional contracts at European clubs.

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