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Dream Chasers,  Professional clubs

Available as:
Inter Academy - 5 episodes
BVB Academy - 8 episodes.

Millions of kids dream of being a professional soccer stars, but do they know what it takes to get to the very top?
We follow leading sporting academies to find out what makes a professional player, following players on the cusp of turning pro. This is an inside look at those pursuing the dream. Who will thrive and who will fail at the final hurdle? Who will fulfill their ultimate dreams and who will come so close yet so far?

In our first season we follow the under 19 team of Inter, featuring Italy's best young talent Nicolo Zaniolo, who is now a superstar with AS Roma.

In the second season we follow the under 17 team of Germany's Borussia Dortmund where a fourteen years old Youssofa Moukoko who has been heralded as one of the best young talents in Europe leads the goal scoring chart even though he is three years younger than his peers. 

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