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“We shape our community;  thereafter they shape us.”

We can’t build a football club without relying on the talents, the commitment, creativity and innovation of the people and businesses within the community.


So as we build on the pitch, we must play our part off it too. 


We want to help tackle issues from unemployment to health, from strengthening communities and restoring community services, to local environmental and economic challenges 


So therefore for the next two years, profits from the sale of our shirts will be donated towards a variety of community projects across Como.


Designed by Como's creative director, couture designer Didit Hediprasetyo – the shirt draws inspiration from the city’s most famous property, the lake.

I wanted a design that draws inspiration from the bold serenity of the lake, so I commissioned artist Golnaz Jebelli to paint a vision of a variety of textures of water and marble that represent the energy

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Didit Hediprasetyo

Pre-order the Como home kit with a €10 discount by purchasing a digital print of Golnaz Jebelli’s original oil painting of Lago di Como below

Your purchase will go towards the price of your final kit payment .( €25 digital print + €30 shirt payment when shirt is ready).

Be sure to note your shirt size as you complete your payment in the link below. 

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( €25 digital print + €30 shirt payment when shirt is ready).